*Bidding Cards

Before you can bid, you are required to pay a £200 deposit and complete a registration form, then you will be issued a Bidding Number to allow you to bid on vehicles going through the auction. If you are successful in bidding, your deposit will go towards the purchase of that vehicle. Deposit required is a minimum of £200. The deposit may be paid in CASH or by DEBIT or CREDIT CARD, but there is a handling charge when using the DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

bidding card image

From Monday 12th January 2015 Bidding Cards were introduced, and you will need a bidding number to take part in any auction and buy any vehicle, the only exception to the Bidding Cards are Traders signed up with us that have already been allocated a Bidding Number, and therefore do not need to leave any deposits in future.

All Bidding Cards are issued inside our sales office before the auction starts.