— HISTORY OF Dingwall 2020 Car Auctions —

Dingwall 2020 Car Auctions was originally established in 1947 in Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey, England by Mr. Sidney Hall hence the name of the current building ‘’SIDNEY HOUSE’’. Mr Sidney Hall also founded MANTON MOTORS in Croydon. There were Four Families, DEES, DOVES, LEATHWOODS and the MANTONS and just after the war they represented FORD’S, AUSTIN / MORRIS, ROVER, and the ROOTES GROUP, in that order.

Dingwall 2020 Car Auctions is Croydon’s Largest Motor Auctioneers. In 1966 the company moved to its present home in Beddington Farm Road, Croydon.

The site where Dingwalls started, is now under a high rise office block, but if you look carefully you can still see one of the walls of the Garage where it all started in 1947.
The pictures above and below show the early days in Dingwall Road and MANTON MOTORS.

We have moved on steadily from our past and still kept the same traits we had back then but with more delivery and performance to our customers. We have been able to grow and expand as a business and now find ourselves offering a wider range of vehicles to customers all over London.

We value all of our customers New and Old and hope our service is remembered and appreciated throughout to allow us to keep Dingwalls moving on to the positive future.